Kevin has been teaching vocal seminars and master singing workshops to individuals and choirs for many years. His singing workshop DVD will be available soon!

He is happy to come and give a workshop for your group or choir, and can either split the proceeds with your group, or accept donations.

Here is the Introduction to his upcoming book,

Vibrate Yourself: The Art And Science Of Sensual Singing 



My Quest for the real science behind singing well and beautifully really began in a Karaoke bar in Hollywood California in the early 1990's. 

I was doing a show with a brilliant young singer (the one mentioned in my dedication). We went out to Karaoke after rehearsal. 

Now I have been performing professionally since I was playing guitar and singing John Denver songs as a  "singing bus boy" in the San Fernando Valley at the age of 16.  I have some natural talent, and I was pretty good, but this kid I'm telling you about was simply spectacular. Boy could he sing. 

At this particular Karaoke bar, they didn't have monitors for the singers. For those of you who don't know, those are the little speakers that are turned toward the musicians or singers so they can hear themselves, as opposed to the big ones that are turned toward the audience. Nowadays, musicians have little wireless earpieces that perform this function. Back then, in the olden days, there wasn't much wireless anything, so we used monitors. 

…except at this bar. 

So no one could hear themselves and we all totally sucked. 

I sucked, everyone else sucked. No one could hear themselves, so no one was on key and few people were even singing along correctly. It was really bad. 

…until my friend got up and sang. 

He closed his eyes, picked a perfect song for his gorgeous voice and amazing range, and utterly, totally and completely brought the house down. 

It was amazing. 

You see, performing well has a lot of factors to it. The pro's will tell you that choice of material accounts for the first 90 percent of those factors, and I would tend to agree. One of the other common factors is whether you have a "tough act to follow."  My friend was not only brilliant, talented and handsome… and knew the perfect song to sing… but since he followed all of us who had no monitors and sucked so badly, you can imagine how happy the bar was to finally get some fine entertainment. It literally exploded with cheers when he was finished. 

Afterward, I asked him how he did it, and he said the words that sent me on that lifetime Quest I mentioned. 

He said, 

"I don't need to hear myself to sing." 


This book is going to explain the many things I have learned since that fateful day about producing sound with ease and joy, expanding your range, exercising and strengthening the voice, and maintaining vocal health. 

There are many other things involved in music, singing and performing, like music theory, stage craft and song styling that I may write another book about, but this is not that book. 

I have studied with about a dozen "voice teachers," and no offense to them, but I remember exactly one thing from one of them. It was about vowel shapes and tongue placement.  What I have done is countless musical shows and theater productions since I was a young boy, and I have always maintained the annoying habit of going up to great singers and asking them how they do it. It is that collection of fantastic tips, from folks who are actually doing it instead of teaching it, combined with my Virgo single minded obsession with my own research and study, that I share with you here. 

Since in the end, singing is not only healthy, but done properly can be partially described as simple, I will try to keep this book short and to the point. (Walking is simple and effortless too, once you get the hang of it. However  the complex processes underlying singing, walking and dancing can hardly be thus described!) 

I will insert some cute stories, amusing anecdotes, and clever asides, but I will always label them as such. So if you want to just get to the meat of the theory, just skip to the numbered chapter headings. Nothing bugs me more than having to weigh through some authors ponderous blatherings about themselves and their fascinating life when all I want is the information I was promised. 

So I promise this book will be short, to the point and valuable, but I'll include some extra fun stuff for those of you who want to take a journey with me as well as a class.